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In 2018, we asked our community about its hopes for our future. One of their top requests was for "strategic direction and clarity." Specifically, they asked for a long-range Strategic Plan.

When Superintendent Tom Gregory took the helm in 2019, he honored that request. Teachers, principals, staff members, administrators, students, parents/guardians, and community partners, formed the Strategic Planning Advisory Committee. Led by internal leaders and external consultants, the team met regularly over six months and together they:

  • Completed a Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Assessment (SWOT) & Political, Economic, Social and Technology Analysis (PEST)

  • Discussed and clarified the current state of the district

  • Developed a Current State Report (CSR)

  • Completed a comprehensive data analysis

  • Held an Open Space Forum

Following the work of the Strategic Planning Advisory Committee, a smaller Strategic Planning Think Tank - which included administrators, teachers and staff - was established and together they:

  • Updated the Current State Report with a COVID-19 Epilogue

  • Identified intersections with Equity Audit

  • Held more than a dozen online and in-person feedback sessions with staff, community, and students

  • Identified, clarified and defined the district’s mission, vision and values

  • Built tactics and action items

The resulting plan is one that is iterative and grows with the district. The framework for the first year of the strategic plan, called Phase One, was launched in the fall of 2021. Each fall thereafter the plan is updated.