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Sexual harassment and assault defined

Sexual misconduct includes two forms, harassment and assault. Harassment is unwelcome conduct so severe it denies someone equal access to a service, while assault includes contact by force, or a situation where a person cannot give consent. Sexual & harassment definitions

Report misconduct Report student sexual misconduct

Sex based harassment and discrimination

Sex-based harassment creates a hostile environment if the conduct is sufficiently serious that it denies or limits a student’s ability to participate in or benefit from the school’s program. Sex based harassment details

Get help or file a complaint

If you are unsure whether you should file a formal complaint, you can consult the Title IX Coordinator at The Title IX Coordinator can help you decide if action needs to be taken or how best to address your situation. Getting help

Report student sexual misconduct Report misconduct

Policy and procedure regarding harassment/sexual harassment

As reflected in our mission, we work tirelessly to provide a safe and nurturing environment for staff and students.

Sexual assault and harassment resources

Contact information for local and national Title IX resources. Sexual assault & harassment resources

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