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Bus & Transportation Options

Academy District 20 provides safe, dependable and efficient daily bus service for students. Transportation details.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language (ESL) assists culturally and linguistically diverse students in developing social and academic English proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing for meaningful access to grade level content. ESL details.

Special Education

Academy District 20 believes all students, regardless of disability, should be supported and encouraged to reach their potential. We offer a continuum of services and alternative placements that provide students with specialized instruction, while also minimizing the impacts of their disability. Special Education details.

School Meals and Menus

We believe it’s important to provide balanced, nutritious meal options for our students. In addition to supporting overall health, nutrition plays an important role in learning by providing the energy students need to focus, process information and learn. Meals and nutrition details.

School Menus

Request Your Transcript

Graduates and former high school students of Academy District 20 may obtain a transcript of graduation verification. Details on getting a transcript.

Alumni Transcript Request

Graduating From Our District

Academy District 20 complies with Colorado State Board of Education graduation standards. The state of Colorado recently approved flexibility for graduation guidelines. Therefore, Academy District 20 will be delaying new graduation guidelines requiring math and ELA proficiency until the class of 2022. Details on graduating from our district.

Read our Graduation Policy