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Each Academy District 20 school provides programs and services to students with disabilities, with the goal of ensuring they receive an education that meets their individual needs. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a federal law that requires public schools to provide free and appropriate public education to eligible students with disabilities.

Academy District 20 believes all students, regardless of disability, should be supported and encouraged to reach their potential. We offer a continuum of services and alternative placements (PK-12) that provide students with specialized instruction, while also minimizing the impacts of their disability.

Special Education staff meet state standards for licensed teachers and/or special service providers through the Colorado Department of Education.  

Inclusion at Academy District 20

Inclusion is a child-centered, collaborative process that focuses on the unique needs of each student as an equally valued member of the school community. Inclusion gives each student authentic access to the standards driven curriculum and social community through meaningful instruction and interaction supported by the intentional allocation of time and resources.

This includes the practice of educating all students together to the maximum extent appropriate with the long-range goal of independence, and participation in and contribution to the community.

Special Education Announcements

Special Education Programs and Services

Academy District 20 offers a variety of Special Education Programs and Services to meet each child's specific needs. Special Education program details.

Special Education Services Locations and Contacts

An overview of our Special Education services and their locations, and a summary of contact information. Take a closer look at our SPED contacts.

Identifying Special Education Needs and Obtaining Services

Academy District 20 has a legal responsibility for the assessment and identification of children from birth to age 21 who may have developmental or educational disabilities. This process is called Child Find. Special Education identification details.

Individualized Education Plans (IEP)

Academy District 20 serves our special education community based on each student’s individual needs as determined by the Individual Education Plan (IEP), not solely their disability category. IEP details.

Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC)

The SEAC strives to improve the educational experience for students with disabilities by working as partners in a collaborative relationship with other parents, guardians, staff, and community members. More about the council.

IDEA & Section 504

Students with disabilities are protected by federal laws that assure they receive a free and appropriate public education. Two of the most important laws are the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504. IDEA and 504 details.

Bridges Program

Bridges supports students as they transition from school to the adult world. Individualized services connect students and parents to supports and opportunities that promote skill development, self-advocacy, and independence. Bridges program details

Academy District 20 forms Special Education Workgroup (SEW)

Recently, some parents of special education students have voiced concerns about both the special education programs and processes in Academy District 20 (ASD20), as well as about the role and function of the Special Education Accountability Committee (SEAC). Read more about the SPED Workgroup.

Special Education

Special Education serves both as educators and as advocates for students with special needs. They plan specialized instruction, assess students and manage their individualized education programs (IEPs).

Special Education

Special Education serves both as educators and as advocates for students with special needs. They plan specialized instruction, assess students and manage their individualized education programs (IEPs).
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