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Technology in the Classroom

We believe digital resources should be used to enrich learning, promote student achievement, and advance students toward deep, authentic learning. In providing devices for student use, we help ensure that their digital environment is safe, healthy, and representative of our​ ever-changing modern world. Find out more in our ASD20 Digital Resource Philosophy

Our families no longer need to provide a device for their student to use at school (formerly known as BYOD) or worry about their student sharing a device with others. Using a DPD device comes with a host of benefits: 

  • Access to classroom digital tools and content on demand 

  • Appropriate software licensing  

  • Device compliance for District and State assessments 

  • Content-filtering software for students grade K-12 at home and on campus

  • Malware detection for security 

The Student Use of the Internet and Electronic Communications Policy (Policy JS) outlines the expectations of student use. 


District Provided Device (DPD) will be provided to each student grades 3-12. A $55.00 annual use fee will be assigned by July 17, 2023.

The following programs will not be responsible for a fee:

  • Free and Reduced (with release of information)

  • McKinney-Vento

  • Youth and Foster Care

  • Migrant

  • Facility


  • GED Prep 

The following schools/programs are not participating in the program:

  • The Classical Academy Schools

  • New Summit Charter Academy

  • Home School Academy Programs

Online Schools

  • Village Middle School - all students receive a DPD and are assessed the $55 annual fee.  

  • Village High School - fee assigned at the time of checkout, if applicable.

Summer School

No additional fee is charged for summer school students as long as the fee was paid for the previous school year. If a loaner device is lost or damaged during the summer school session the student will be assessed a fine in Infinite Campus of up to $460.

District Provided Device FAQ

What will students receive when they check out the device?

Each student will be loaned a device, device case, and power supply. All assets remain the property of Academy District 20.

What does the annual $55 fee include?

The fee supports the sustainability of an equitable 1:1 District Provided Device for all students in grades 3-12. Additionally, repair of a one-time accidental damage is covered.

When can a student check out or pick up their DPD?

A device will be checked out to students in grade 3-12 within the first week of attendance. Students grades 3-11 will take their device with them over summer breaks and between other district schools provided the annual fee has been satisfied.

What happens if the parent/guardian does not pay the fee and the device is damaged?

The parent/guardian will be responsible for the full cost of the repair or replacement cost of the device or components. Hardware prices fluctuate frequently. As of August 1, 2023, fine charges for broken or lost components are:

  • Broken Screen Replacement: $200.00

  • Broken Keyboard: $30.00

  • Broken Case Bottom: $15.00

  • Broken Palm Rest: $30.00

  • Broken Gumdrop Case: $26.00

  • Lost Power Adaptor: $30.00

  • Full Device Replacement: $460.00

What if the device, device case, or power supply are not returned?

Even if the $55.00 fee has been paid, any items not returned (device, device case or power supply), a fine for the items will be charged to the student account in Infinite Campus. DPD fines are nonrefundable after 10 business days of being assigned in IC.

What if a device is lost or stolen?

The $55.00 fee covers one-time accidental damage repair. If a device is lost or stolen, a fine will be assessed for the full device replacement cost of up to $460. Parents should file a police report with Colorado Springs Police Department and provide it to their school District Technology Technician. This assists in the recovery of the device if it is sold to pawn shops.

Will students on Free and Reduced be charged a fee?

The parent/guardian must complete the required application including the Release of Information form which allows the Free and Reduced status to be shared for reducing the DPD fee. Free and Reduced students will be assessed a fee; however, the fee will be marked as satisfied. Visit our Free and Reduced page for additional detail.

Will students on Free and Reduced be charged a fine?

If the damage was a one-time accident, the district will repair the device at no additional cost. If the damage was negligent or more than one-time, a fine for the repairs will be assessed to the student in Infinite Campus. The student should notify the teacher or District Technology Technician if their device is damaged and/or needs repair as soon as possible. Do not wait to get the device repaired.

What if a family does not qualify for Free and Reduced but cannot pay the fee?

Parent/guardian should contact the school Principal to request a reduction of the fee.

If accidental damage occurs before the fee is paid, can the parent/guardian pay the fee and not the fine?

No, if the annual fee is not paid prior to damage, a fine for the actual cost of the damage will be charged.

What happens if the fee is paid and the gumdrop case and/or screen protector is removed resulting in damage to the device?

The district installed cases and screen protectors on all new 3rd and 8th grade student devices.  These items have been tested and have proved to provide excellent protection. If the student removes the case and/or screen protector and damage occurs the $55.00 usage fee will not cover the damage to the device.

 Can a student bring their own device (BYOD)?

If a student chooses to bring a personal device, access to the district network may be limited. Access to state and district assessments is prohibited from personal devices and is subject to Policy JICJ (Student Use of Electronic Communication Device). If your student plans to use a personal device, please complete the online BYOD Request Form by September 22, 2023 and the fee will be waived upon approval.

Can a DPD be taken out of the country?

A DPD is not permitted to leave the country; there are certain rules/laws with US and Foreign custom services that prohibit this.

What if a parent/guardian pays the fee but does not want the student to bring the device home?

Parent/guardians can elect to have the device remain at school. This is not a recommended practice since students may need the device if the learning environment changes or for homework, research, etc.

Can a student personalize their device or case?

Students shall not place any permanent personalization materials on their device, case or any other district owned equipment. This includes but is not limited to stickers, paint, permanent markers, etc. The device needs to be returned in its original condition.

What happens if the parent/guardian has paid the fee and the device is damaged?

If the damage was a one-time accident, the district will repair the device at no additional cost. If the damage was negligent or more than one-time, a fine for the repairs will be assessed to the student in Infinite Campus. The student should notify the teacher or DTT if their device is damaged and/or needs repair as soon as possible. Do not wait to get the device repaired.

When a parent/guardian pays the fee in Infinite Campus, how long does it take to show it has been paid?

The fee payment will be displayed in the Parent Portal immediately regardless of the payment method. Parent/guardians should receive a payment confirmation email at time of payment. The school bookkeeper can log in to Infinite Campus to see payment information.

If a device needs repair, will the loaner device be checked out until the original device is repaired?

Students will receive a replacement device until their device is repaired. The replacement device may be a different model.

Can students print at school or at home with their DPD?

Students can print at school with a District Provided Device. If they have an HP (Hewlett Packard) Printer at home the universal driver may detect the printer and let them print at home. Home-based printing will not be supported by the district.

Can students print at school with a personal device (BYOD)?

Students cannot print at school with a personal device.

What happens if the student leaves the district?

Upon termination of the student's enrollment, the student or parent/guardian must return the device, case, and power supply in the same condition as received or be liable to for the full value of the device, case, and power supply or for any required repairs.  All equipment shall be returned to the student’s school or the following address:   

Academy School District 20
Attn: IT (Information Technology) department
1110 Chapel Hills Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Parents must request a refund request by submitting a helpdesk ticket to The refund amount is dependent on the condition of the returned items and the date the student left the district.

Is the content filtered when the student’s DPD is on a non-district network?

All content on grades K-12 DPD’s will be filtered by grade level, even when on a non-district network. The district makes reasonable efforts to block and filter material and information that is harmful to minors in accordance with the Children’s Internet Protect Act (CIPA).