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We believe digital resources should be used to enrich learning, promote student achievement, and advance students toward deep, authentic learning in a healthy, balanced, and safe digital environment that is representative of the​ ever-changing, digitized, modern world. Find out more in our ASD20 Digital Resource Philosophy

Our families no longer need to provide a device for their student to use at school (formerly known as BYOD) or worry about their student sharing a device with others. Using a DPD device comes with a host of benefits: 

  • Access to classroom digital tools and content on demand 

  • Appropriate software licensing  

  • Device compliance for District and State assessments 

  • Content-filtering software for students through grade 8 at home and on campus 

  • Content-filtering software for students 9-12 on campus 

  • Device personalization 

  • Malware detection for security 

The Student Use of the Internet and Electronic Communications Policy (Policy JS) outlines the expectations of student use.  

Device Fee

Each student in grades 3-12 will be issued a DPD and charged $50 annually, $25 per semester, to support technical infrastructure, resources, software, and devices.

If the fee is not paid, students will still receive a device, but the device will remain at school and cannot be sent home with the student. The device will be secured when not in use and can only be checked-out by that student.

Some schools and programs are exempt from this fee. Those are listed below. If you are not part of the below schools/programs and cannot pay the fee, please contact your school principal. 

Schools & Programs Exempt from Fee

The following schools and programs do not pay this fee:

  • The Classical Academy

  • New Summit Charter Academy

  • Home School Academy

  • New Opportunities Program/Expulsion Program

  • Free and Reduced

  • Other Programs: Bridges, FAC, Summer School, and all the colleges for concurrent enrollment 

Paying the Use Fee

This fee is payable through PayforIt. For information on how to access PayforIt, visit student fees

After fees are paid via PayForIt, a confirmation email is sent. Infinite Campus (IC) typically shows the fee as paid within 24 hours to 48 hours. If you are unsure of your payment status, the school bookkeeper can provide payment information. 

Bring Your Own Device

Students can use their own device, called BYOD, but will still be charged the $50 fee. If a student chooses to bring a personal device, access to the district network may be limited. Access to state and district assessments is prohibited from personal devices and is subject to policy JICJ (Student Use of Electronic Communication Device).

Damaged Lost or Stolen Devices

If a parent does not pay the fee and the device is damaged, the parent is responsible for the full cost of the repair, up to and including the full cost of the device but not exceeding $400.

If a parent has paid the fee and the device is damaged the district will repair the device at no additional cost to the parent if the damage was accidental and infrequent. If the damage was negligent or frequent, the parent may be asked to reimburse the district for the repairs. The student should notify the teacher or district technology technician (DTT) if their device is damaged and/or needs repair.

If a device is lost or stolen students will receive a replacement device if their device is lost or stolen if the $50 use fee has been paid. A fine may be assessed after evaluation of the circumstances. The replacement device may be a different model.

If a device needs repair a student will receive a loaner device until the original device is repaired. The replacement device may be a different model.

Devices Home

Parents can choose to have the DPD remain at the school, but that is not a recommendation because students may need the device if the learning environment changes to eLearning, for homework, research, etc.


Students can print at school with a DPD. If they have an HP Printer at home the universal driver may pick up the printer and let them print at home. Home-based printing will not be supported by the district.

Students cannot print at school with a personal device.

Check-out or pick-up of District Provided Device

Each school has different check-out procedures. Please contact your school directly for specific information.

Content Filtering

The district makes reasonable efforts to block and filter material and information that is harmful to minors in accordance with the Children’s Internet Protect Act (CIPA) while using the district network. All content on grades K-8 DPD’s will be filtered at home in the same manner as in the classroom. Grades 9-12 will not be filtered at home.


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