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In the third priority of our Strategic Plan, we are focused on effective communication that builds trust in each other and our organization.

Communication & Trust Focus Areas

  • Investigate communication effectiveness​

  • ​Explore mass communication system updates.​

  • ​Track and analyze media mentions.​

  • ​Determine where trust and communication data can be collected.​

  • ​Audit the district's systems against trust best practices.

Targets and Measures

  • Short Term Targets:

    1. Audit all district and school level communication channels. Measure effectiveness of communication channels and tactics and make changes where warranted. (Ex: Monthly eNewsletter, weekly eNewsletter, web announcements, etc.)

      • Investigate effectiveness of current mass communication tool and make changes where necessary. 

      • Explore implementation of a new communication tool, such as Parent Square, to simplify and create clarity of communication.

      • Track and report D20 media mentions, specifically to discern if mentions corelate to confidence and trustworthiness.

      • Determine where communication data can be collected through already existing channels and or surveys/focus groups.

    2. Audit the district’s behaviors, programs, and activities against the best practices of high trust/confidence organizations. Determine if trust specific questions/metrics (Grunig Questions) can be added to existing data collection methods, such as the Climate Survey.

  • Long Term Targets:

    1. Identify year-over-year baseline quantitative and qualitative stakeholder metrics to track and evaluate communication strategies leading to satisfaction and engagement.

    2. Identify potential baseline measurements for organizational trust and confidence among all stakeholders to establish realistic targets and tactics.

  • Measures:

    1. The frequency with which communication is mentioned as an area of challenge by stakeholders shows year-over-year decrease. Media Mentions Report developed quarterly to measure positive, negative and neutral mentions.

    2. Communication based questions added to all existing data collection methods. Trust-actions/best practices audit completed. Existing surveys/data collection includes trust and communication related questions/measures.