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The first step of building our strategic plan, was reevaluating, and clarifying our mission, vision and values statements.

Using the Board of Education Global Ends statement as our guide, the district adopted a mission that describes why we exist, values that explains what we believe and how we behave, and vision statement that describes what the future looks like for our district. Together they set the direction for our Strategic Plan.

Our Mission. 

[Why we exist.]

We educate and inspire students to thrive.

Our Values.

[What we believe and how we behave.]

We believe people are the heart of our success.

We aspire to practice meaningful inclusion, honor diversity and develop a culture of belonging throughout our school community.

We believe relationships matter.

We aspire to nurture relationships rooted in honesty, integrity, equity and transparency to drive continued growth and positive change.

We believe in quality education.

We aspire to teach and learn in ways that value the growth of all students, engaging them to demonstrate excellence as we respect their individual journeys.

Our Vision. 

[Our big goal and vivid description of what it will be like when we arrive.] 

We provide creative and personal learning opportunities, accessible to all students, preparing them to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Our culture encourages bold, creative, and courageous behavior. A spirit of innovation empowers active collaboration. Together we create effective and engaging instructional strategies that lead to student success. We are a community of learners who leverage individual talents and accomplishments into district-wide progress. We are flexible and adapt our organizational structures so that students, staff and families – no matter their background, ethnicity, perspective, talents, or challenges – feel welcomed and inspired in our classrooms and schools.