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Special Education Leadership and Administration

  • Executive Director, Dr. Belinda Lujan-Lindsey, 719-234-1328                

  • Director for SPED - Compliance, Jaleesa Steward, 719-234-1375                          

  • Director for SPED - Instruction, Sarah Ricci, 719-234-1371                

  • Special Education Administrator, Lisa Brandt, 719-234-1376

  • Special Education Administrator, Stacey Randle-Montoya, 719-234-1387

  • Special Education Administrator, Jenny Swan, 719-234-1324

  • Aspire Learning Academy Administrator, Taylor May, 719-234-1309                      

SPED Facilitators

Special Education Programs and Locations

  • Resource Services - available in each District 20 school

  • Students with mild/moderate needs receive services from a Resource Teacher

Significant Support Needs Programs (SSN)  

SSN Programs serve students with significant needs who have cognitive or developmental disabilities and may also have physical or orthopedic disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injury, or multiple disabilities.                                            

  • Chinook Trail Elementary School

  • Legacy Peak Elementary School

  • Discovery Canyon Campus Elementary School

  • Pioneer Elementary School

  • Edith Wolford Elementary School

  • Prairie Hills Elementary School

  • Explorer Elementary School

  • Woodmen-Roberts Elementary School

  • High Plains Elementary School

  • Every Middle and High School

Communication Social Development Programs (CSD)

The program supports students with autism and related needs.

  • Foothills Elementary School

  • Mountain View Elementary School

  • Ranch Creek Elementary School

  • The da Vinci Academy

  • Eagleview Middle School

  • Discovery Canyon Campus Middle School

Affective Needs Programs (AN)                       

This program supports students with significant emotional/behavioral needs.

  • Academy Endeavour Elementary School

  • Foothills Elementary School

  • Frontier Elementary School

  • Eagleview Middle School

  • Mountain Ridge Middle School

  • Air Academy High School

  • Liberty High School

  • Pine Creek High School               

Bridges Program

Community BasedTransition Services for students ages 18 to 21 years old.

Transition Coordinators/Facilitators: