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For the best experience, students should start broad and gradually narrow their focus. For example, a student that expressed interest in STEM careers as a middle schooler may, through a series of career exploration activities, identify a specific interest in mechanical engineering by their senior year in high school. Perhaps a student who loves reading and writing slowly reveals a deep interest in journalism. Whatever the interest is, there are work-based learning opportunities that help the student get relevant real world experience.

Students who wish to participate in off-site, unsupervised WBL opportunities such as job shadows or internships will follow one of two paths depending on whether or not they are enrolled in a Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathway. 

Students who are enrolled in CTE pathways will have work-based learning experiences embedded in their pathway and will have opportunities to participate in additional work-based learning activities that are teacher-sponsored. 

Students who are not enrolled in a CTE pathway will work with the high school site’s Work-Based Learning Liaison to utilize the opportunities listed through the Pikes Peak Business and Education Alliance (PPBEA). For more information about work-based learning, please speak with your pathway teacher or your site’s designated WBL Lead, generally the College & Career Counselor.