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A DCCHS swimmer competes in the 100m backstroke.

Athletics at Academy District 20

Academy District 20 is committed to educating administrators, coaches, parents, and students daily on the benefits derived from participation in education-based programming. Our operational philosophy of participation in athletics and activities is shaped in part by the Why We Play initiative. This initiative provides a clear purpose for education-based participation and sets a clear delineation between education-based offerings versus club, college, and professional sports and activities. Find out how we think about athletics.
A Pine Creek High School athlete on the Lacrosse field.

Participating in Athletics/Activities Outside of Your Home School

Students who want to participate or continue participating in a sport or activity that their school does not offer will need to complete the Request for Participation (RFP) form to be placed at an Academy District 20 (D20) school that offers the requested sport or activity. More about the School Assignment process.
A Pine Creek athlete swings at a ball during a softball game.

High School Athletics Programs

Find out which of our high schools offer the programs that you're interested in. More about high school athletics programs.
An Eagleview athlete practices volleyball on the field.

Middle School Athletics Programs

Find out which of our middle schools offer the programs that you're interested in. More about middle school athletics programs.
Cheerleaders at Liberty High School rally a crowd during a game.

Athletics Calendars & Communication

Find out where to find your school's Athletics and Activities calendars and how best to stay involved with you athlete's activities. Find out how to get in touch with your team or get athletics events information.
The District 20 Stadium - south.

Academy District 20 Stadiums

We have two district stadiums that are shared by a number of schools for marching band, field hockey, football, lacrosse, soccer, track & field, and a number of other activities. The District Athletics and Activities office coordinates all scheduling for the two stadiums. Read more about our stadiums.