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Athletics Mission and Purpose

  • To ensure that the adults that lead education-based programs across Academy District 20 do everything possible to create an experience for every student that participates in an athletic or activity program, regardless of what school the student attends or what program(s) the student participates in, that:

    1. allows the student to have the opportunity to experience success,

    2. to feel valued

    3. believe that their program(s) is/are a priority. 

  • To pursue excellence daily through education-based activities that:

    1. are not solely defined by a scoreboard or rating sheet

    2. demonstrate a commitment to respect, the spirit of fair play. and the ideals of sportsmanship

    3. are aligned with the mission and values of Academy District 20 and the CHSAA

    4. are led by coaches and sponsors that are committed to such ideals

    5. are participated in by students with an understanding of their role in representing Academy District 20, their school, and their community.

Why We Play

We are committed to educating administrators, coaches, parents, and students daily on the benefits derived from participation in education-based programming. Academy District 20’s operational philosophy of participation in athletics and activities is shaped in part by the Why We Play initiative. 

This initiative provides a clear purpose for education-based participation and sets a clear delineation between education-based offerings versus club, college, and professional sports and activities.   

We prepare, plan and play to “win” But “winning” is not our purpose.   

We measure success in part by the result on the scoreboard or rating sheet, however, our programs and the students that represent their school through their participation are not defined by these results. Some might question this approach or label it as weak or an approach that does not foster a pursuit of excellence. There is nothing further from the truth. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence daily in all our programs, but never at the sacrifice of a student, our mission, or the values that we seek to instill in every student that participates in our programs. This is where we are different, and where we might approach things differently.  

Our goal in every program is to grow lifelong character traits in young people so that they can be better empowered to succeed throughout life. Some of these qualities are perseverance, self-advocacy, teamwork, dependability, work ethic, etc.  

This in no way guarantees that we will satisfy the wants and desires of every student or parent. What we can promise is that if everyone involved is “aiming at the same target,” and offers our commitment to leading participation from an education-based framework. By doing so we are much more likely to have success, retain students in our programs, and derive the full benefits possible for everyone involved.