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This is a general list of athletics and activities offerings. Each middle school has an array of offerings that may be unique to the school. For an accurate listing of all athletics, activities, and clubs offered at a middle school, please visit the school's website.

Early Fall Sports

  • Cross Country (Boys and Girls)

  • Football

  • Swimming (Intramural)

  • Volleyball (Girls)

Late Fall Sports

  • Basketball (Boys)

  • Golf 1 (Intramural)

  • Softball

  • Soccer (Intramural)

  • Tennis 1 (Intramural)

Winter Sports

  • Basketball (Girls)

  • Wrestling

Spring Sports

  • Golf 2 (Intramural)

  • Grizzly Challenge (Intramural)

  • Tennis 2 (Intramural)

  • Track & Field (Boys and Girls)

Cheerleading is also offered at a number of our middle schools. Contact your school for details on additional sports and when they are offered.


  • Band

  • Choir

  • Speech & Debate