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Inclement Weather Notification

We alert families and staff about closures, snow days and delayed starts no later than 5:30 a.m. If a delayed start turns into a closure, notifications will be made no later than 7 a.m.

Notifications to families and staff are made via:

Full Closure Due to Inclement Weather

The first two days when weather closes schools will be full closure days for all levels and buildings. These are essentially “traditional snow days.” Students and staff do not report to school and are not expected to work remotely.

If a closure day is required after the district has used its two “traditional snow days,” we will follow the below model:

  • High schools and middle schools engage in synchronous eLearning.   

    • Synchronous eLearning “snow” days start two-hours later than normal school start times and follow a schedule established by the school. The later start times allow students and teachers to prepare for short notice remote learning.  Staff and students will attend courses remotely based on the “bell” schedule established by the school.

  • Elementary schools are closed. 

    • Elementary students do not attend in-person or remotely.  There is no eLearning for students. Elementary school staff will work remotely and start their days two-hours later than their normal start time.  

  • After school activities, athletics, meetings, etc. for all schools are canceled.

  • If there are exceptions, schools will contact students directly. 

Two-hour Late Start Due to Inclement Weather  

When inclement weather causes a two-hour late start to allow for safe travel to and from school, all students and staff report to their respective schools in-person two-hours later than the normal posted school start time. There will be no eLearning for two-hour delays.  All learning is in-person when there is a two-hour late start.

Morning preschool is canceled when a two-hour late start occurs. Afternoon preschool will start on its normal schedule.

Early Release

Occasionally situations arise when weather moves in mid-day and we need to release students early. In these situations:

  • Parents are urged to develop a plan for situations when their student may be released early.

  • Parents will be notified by phone and email.

  • Information will be posted on district website and social media. Local media will also be notified.

Weather Related Decision Making

The safety of students and staff are paramount in the decision to close or delay the start of schools. When making weather related decisions, many factors are considered prior to closing or delaying the start of schools. The Chief Operating Officer receives real-time information from the Transportation, Facilities, Security, and Risk Management Departments to recommend closures and delayed starts for schools to the Superintendent. Below are some of the ways we evaluate weather impacts:

  • Receive up-to-the-minute weather updates from local weather consultants.

  • Consult with El Paso County and the City of Colorado Springs regarding their road sanding plans.

  • Exchange vital information about weather and road conditions with neighboring school districts.

  • Consult with the U.S. Air Force Academy to determine if they are going to delay or close.

  • Drive the district streets to determine road conditions.

Additionally, our district staff consider the following questions:

  • Can our school buses safely travel to and from school?

  • Will our students who walk to school encounter unsafe weather-related conditions and/or barriers?

  • Can our facilities team safely clear school campuses of ice and snow?

  • Are the temperatures, wind chill and visibility levels safe?

  • Will we be able to provide meals?

  • What is the forecast for later in the day?

Please note all delays, closures and early-releases are for the entire district unless otherwise noted. Also, weather conditions in one part of the district may be different than in other parts of the district. Finally, please check with your child’s school regarding the cancellation of events and activities. 

Make-up Days

District policy mandates a specific number of days each year teachers must work directly with students. When a school falls below this level, make-up days, which will be announced, may need to be scheduled. 


The Transportation Department ensures students have safe and reliable transportation between the student’s bus stop, school and sanctioned activities.


The Transportation Department ensures students have safe and reliable transportation between the student’s bus stop, school and sanctioned activities.
(719) 234-1410
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday
Transportation Depot
7408 Duryea Dr., Bldg. A
Colorado Springs, CO 80920