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Bridges is a dynamic partnership involving young adults, families, staff, agencies, and the community-at-large through shared participation and responsibility. Services are flexible and varied according to students’ needs.

Why Bridges?

Bridges provides additional support while students adjust to the adult environment and learn more independence. We offer a bridge from the secure world of a classroom to the adult world.

Three guiding questions:

  • Where do you want to be when you leave Academy District 20?

  • How can we help you get there?

  • What long-term supports do you need?

Who is Eligible for Bridges?

Any student with an individualized educational plan is eligible. The young man or woman must also be 18 – 21 years old, living in Academy District 20, and has met his or her high school or individual graduation requirements.

What Services Are Offered?

Adult Service Agency Connections

  • Assistance in connecting with agencies that offer long-term support services to young adults in the community.

  • Contracting with adult agencies depending upon student needs.

Community & Social Opportunities

  • Varies according to individual needs

  • Participating in life skill activities

  • Exploring community connections

  • Developing & participating in recreational activities with peer

  • Accessing transportation options Career Development

  • Career skill activities related to personal growth and relational development

  • Expanded volunteer work experiences

  • Exploration of potential career opportunities

  • Resume and job application assistance

  • Short-term job coaching

  • Assistance requesting job accommodations

Post Secondary Educational Opportunities

  • Bridges workshops

  • Connection to support services at college

What is Social Graduation?

Social graduation allows the student to participate in the traditional graduation ceremony. However, the official diploma will be granted when the student exits Bridges. The transcript will remain open allowing students to earn one elective credit per semester.


A bridge from school to the adult world.


A bridge from school to the adult world.
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