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To support teachers and staff in lifelong learning, our professional learning opportunities help staff become leaders in their field while bettering student outcomes.

Our approach

  • Personalized: Relationships are the core of our professional learning opportunities.

  • Transformative: Opportunities are specific and targeted so all staff groups can grow as professionals, feel greater job satisfaction and advance in their careers.

  • Research-based: Utilizing adult learning theory, we recognize the importance of honoring an individual’s expertise.

  • Aligned: Opportunities directly align with district goals, school site plans and standards for professional practice.

Our Opportunities

Summer Institute

Every year, Summer Institute offers extensive and engaging classes and in-depth sessions covering a range of topics, available in a variety of formats for teachers and staff across the Pikes Peak Region.

New Licensed Staff Orientation

All new staff participate in a multi-day professional learning orientation designed to immerse them in the district’s culture, respect and professionalism. The orientation emphasizes learning the most essential content, accessing highly relevant resources, and prioritizing community building.

On-going Training for Classified Staff

Classified staff in the district are supported through routine training sessions to ensure they are equipped to start the school year strong, including access to critical information and updates on district policies, platforms, and processes.

District-wide Dedicated “Job-Alike” Professional Learning Days

On scheduled days, colleagues collaborate with those in similar positions to deepen their learning.

Teacher and Administrator Induction Programs

A certified program of coursework for new teachers and administrators. Each inductee also works closely with an assigned mentor to deepen their knowledge about research-based educational practices and district expectations.

Leadership Series for Administrators

Leaders annually participate in an ongoing professional learning series aligned with district initiatives and are designed to link educational theory to school-based practices.

Speaker Series

Nationally and internationally recognized educators speak to staff members on topics relevant to educational trends and the district.


Full Calendar

Professional Learning

Professional Learning ensures the district's staff are enabled with the highest caliber training and professional learning opportunities.

Professional Learning

Professional Learning ensures the district's staff are enabled with the highest caliber training and professional learning opportunities.
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