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With their student ID, every student in Academy District 20 has exclusive access to a library card called PowerPass. PowerPass offers students greater access to digital and on-demand resources to learn and play at any location in the Pikes Peak Library District (PPLD) or at the Mobile Library. With PowerPass, students can check-out up to five physical items.

With PowerPass, students can get:

  • Online homework help and foreign language tutoring

  • Audiobooks, eBooks, and comic books

  • Digital movies and music

  • Driving tests

  • Practice SAT tests and college prep courses

  • Job and resume coaching

  • Makerspaces, 3D printers, gaming centers

Get Started

Before signing up for PowerPass, ask your school's librarian for a student pin number.

  1. Go to PPLD’s login website.

  2. In the "Library Card" box, type "asd" + student ID number. This is their Library Card number. Example: asd12345

  3. Enter your student’s pin number. It is a random 8-digit number provided by their school.

  4. After logging in, the student can change their pin. The new pin number may be between 4-10 characters using letters, numbers, or both.

Already have a PPLD library card? You can have both, and PowerPass gives students access to more resources.

If a parent does not wish for their student to use PowerPass, they can opt out at the student's school. Contact your school librarian for details.