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Committees are generally groups of parents, staff and community members that meet for a specific purpose over a specified time period. Stakeholder Groups are generally permanent and provide continuous insight and feedback on a variety of subjects.


Boundary Committee (2016) - With the addition of two new elementary schools and one new middle school, the district needed to reevaluate school boundary lines. The Boundary Committee was formed to study existing boundaries and propose new boundaries to best meet needs created by growing student enrollment. Visit the Boundary Committee page.

Calendar Task Force Committee (2021) - The District Calendar Review Task Force developed recommendations for Professional Learning Community time, instructional use of snow days/delayed starts, and school start/end times. Visit the School Calendars / Start-End Times page.

Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee (2016) - The Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) provides accountability and ensures all our bond projects are completed within established budgets and timelines. Visit the Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee page.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workgroup - Beginning in fall 2020, we embarked on a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) Superintendent Initiative to create an Academy District 20 free of biases and hate. Visit our DEI page.

Green Team Committee - Promoting sustainability awareness and understanding through the celebration of outstanding sustainability related ideas and performance.

Growth and Capital Needs Committee (2015/2016) - Prior to placing ballot measure 3A on the 2016 election, the district Growth and Capital Needs (GCNC) Committee, charged by the superintendent, studied district needs and issued recommendations for improvement that would ensure optimal learning environments. Visit the Growth and Capital Needs Committee page.

Health Advisory Committee - We promote healthy schools by supporting student wellness, good nutrition, and regular physical activity as part of the total learning environment and encouraging school health teams in every building. Visit the Health Advisory Committee page.

School Resource Allocation Committee - The majority of school-based budgets in Academy District 20 are based upon student enrollment at the particular school and the amount the district allocates to schools per student. This committee studies current school allocation methods and develops recommendations concerning any new allocation strategies that factor in differences across our schools. Visit the School Resource Allocation Committee page.

Special Education Advisory Council - The SEAC strives to improve the educational experience for students with disabilities by working as partners in a collaborative relationship with other parents, guardians, staff, and community members. Visit the Special Education Advisory Council page.

Special Education Workgroup - Some of our community have voiced concerns about both the special education programs and processes in Academy District 20 (ASD20), as well as about the role and function of the Special Education Accountability Committee (SEAC). This committee is charged by the superintendent to study district needs and issue findings and recommendations related to serving special education students effectively and efficiently. Visit the Special Education Workgroup page.

Start/End Times Committee - The School Start/End Times Committee, a sub-group of the Calendar Review Tasks Force, developed recommendations to move the district from a two-tier start time, to a three-tier start time. Visit the School Calendars / Start-End Times page.

Strategic Planning Committee - This district started its journey toward developing a Strategic Plan in 2019. The Strategic Framework was then built and Phase One of the plan launched in 2021, with yearly Focus Goal. Each year the plan is evaluated, and new Focus Goals added to the cadre of work. Visit our Strategic Plan page.

Stakeholder Groups

The groups listed below have a membership chosen by a specific process. Meetings for these groups are for members only.

Classified Liaison Council - The Classified Liaison Council (CLC) provides two-way communication from each building in the district between classified representatives and district leadership. Documents for this group can be found on Board Docs.

District Accountability Committee - The District Accountability Committee is (DAC) a collaborative effort between the community and the district with the goal of keeping schools and the district accountable. Visit the District Accountability Committee page.

Parent Sounding Board - Academy District 20 parents who actively engage with district leadership to bring ideas and concerns forward from our many school communities. Visit the Parent Sounding Board page.

Patron Council - The district’s newest stakeholder group is comprised of district friends and neighbors who are 65 years or older. Visit the Patron Council page.

Superintendent's Student Advisory Council - The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council, which has 4 representatives from each high school, opens doors of communication directly between the superintendent and students.  Issues and concerns can be discussed while providing a forum for solutions, directions, policies, and legislation. Documents for this group can be found on Board Docs.

Teacher Communication Council - The Teacher Communication Council (TCC) provides two-way communication from each building in the district between teacher representatives and district leadership. Documents for this group can be found on Board Docs.