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TREP Eligibility

  • Currently in 12th grade and on track for graduation with a minimum GPA of 2.00 in college courses

  • Retained 5th year seniors do not qualify

  • Must have taken at least one of the college courses listed in the Educator Pathway listing during the senior year

  • Must have an Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) that reflects the teacher/educator pathway prior to declaring intent to participate in TREP

  • Must declare an approved teacher/educator major at UCCS or MSUD

  • Must not need developmental courses for the selected major

  • Approved by high school and District 20 College and Career Services

  • 2-year limit – No prior TREP participation before the initial entry year

All TREP applicants should also complete their FAFSA and apply to their program/colleges of choice.

If students qualify for financial aid from their program/schools of choice that exceeds TREP tuition, students should accept financial aid, which might include textbooks, and forfeit their TREP slots to students on the TREP waitlist.

  • TREP courses must align with the Educator Pathway Coursework shown above (please note that course numbers may vary between institutions of higher education. Please contact College and Career Services with any questions about whether courses you have taken are eligible for TREP qualifications)

  • Diplomas and Transcripts awarded at the end of TREP participation and dated the end of the TREP year; students participate in graduation activities with their class; TREP grades are included in the high school GPA

    • District 20 pays college tuition at the community college rate at either UCCS or MSUD

    • Full-Time = 12+ college credits each semester

    • Part-time = 3-11 college credits each semester