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Most MathOnline courses run synchronous to the corresponding math courses (fall and spring semesters). This means that students are given access to the course through a dual video feed, one that captures the whiteboard and the other that focuses on the entire front of the class. This gives a very realistic feeling to the lectures. Students can attend lectures virtually in real time or watch the recording at their convenience.

Course Offerings

  • MATH1360: Calculus II (may not be approved if student attends a high school that offers Calc II)

  • MATH2350: Calculus III

  • MATH2150: Discrete Mathematics

  • MATH3110: Theory of Numbers

  • MATH3130: Introduction to Linear Algebra

  • MATH3400: Introduction to Differential Equations

  • MATH3410: Introduction to Analysis

  • MATH3810: Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Please note that there is an out-of-pocket cost for students who enroll in MathOnline courses. We will pay the community college rate per credit hour for MathOnline courses, but the difference between that tuition rate and the UCCS tuition is the responsibility of students and families. In addition, families are responsible for any books and fees.

Additional Information

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