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Benefits of Concurrent Enrollment

No Tuition Cost to You

The school district covers the cost of tuition. For some courses and programs, students and families pay for books and fees. By taking Concurrent Enrollment courses while in high school at no tuition cost, you save money and time by not having to take and pay for those courses when you enroll in college after high school graduation. Learn more about the costs of college.

Guaranteed Credit Transfer

Many Concurrent Enrollment classes are guaranteed to transfer to any public institution within the state of Colorado. However, while courses transfer, it is still important to determine if they will apply to your college degree or certificate. Learn more about the transfer of credits.


Some of our college-credit bearing classes are taught in District 20 high schools! This means that these classes may fit into your high school schedule, and you don’t have to own a car and drive to a college campus to earn credit.

Build Confidence

Counselors report that students who are nervous about taking a college class end up being more confident once they pass because they know they can be successful in college.

Industry-based Certifications

When you take CTE Concurrent or Dual Enrollment courses, you have the opportunity to earn industry-based certifications, which are recognized by local and national workforce agencies and indicate a student has developed the skills necessary to be successful in this competitive workforce.

Student Success

Data from the Colorado Department of Higher Education and the Colorado State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education show over 90% of students who take Concurrent Enrollment courses pass with a C or better.