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Evaluate Whether You Meet Eligibility Requirements

In most cases, applications to participate in postsecondary opportunities will only be approved for students who meet the following criteria:

  • No grades lower than a “C” for the previous semester and current semester of high school coursework (and college coursework when applicable)

  • No grades lower than a “B” for the previous semester and current semester in the high school content area for which the student is applying to take advanced coursework

  • On-track for graduation and not in need of remedial coursework

  • Up-to-date with high school ICAP goals that are aligned to postsecondary planning

Meet with your School Counselor or Administrator

Your counselor can share information about concurrent/dual enrollment and CTE courses and programs that are aligned to your postsecondary plan. Your counselor can also advise you regarding options for best meeting District 20 graduation requirements while pursuing opportunities that align with your passions.

Please keep the Academy District 20 Graduation Requirements in mind as you consider your college and career coursework opportunities.

Update your Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) with your Counselor

Your counselor will examine your ICAP to approve moving forward with postsecondary or CTE courses or moving forward with other challenging courses.  If you are approved to apply for advanced opportunities, your requested program or courses must be in alignment with your ICAP goals.

Complete Assessment Testing

Colleges require that students meet prerequisites prior to enrolling in courses. Talk to your counselor and the college about testing accommodations and any course prerequisites that may be required.  For reference, Pikes Peak State College provides thorough guidance regarding placement options on their website.

College Readiness Scores:


  • NextGen Accuplacer: Writing 246+

  • PSAT/SAT: 470

  • ACT: 18

  • EdReady: 90


  • NextGen Accuplacer: -

  • PSAT/SAT: 470

  • ACT: 17

  • EdReady: -

MAT107/112 Career/Fin Math

  • NextGen Accuplacer: AR 265+

  • PSAT/SAT: 500

  • ACT: 19

  • EdReady: 90

MAT120/135 Lib Arts, Stats

  • NextGen Accuplacer: QAS 240+

  • PSAT/SAT: 500

  • ACT: 19

  • EdReady: 90

MAT121 College Algebra

  • NextGen Accuplacer: AAF 245-279

  • PSAT/SAT: 590

  • ACT: 23

  • EdReady: 90

MAT166 Pre-Calculus

  • NextGen Accuplacer: AAF 280 +

  • PSAT/SAT: 610

  • ACT: 24

  • EdReady: -

Complete the Academy District 20 Application

Unless otherwise noted above, complete the online College and Career Services Application.  The application is due on or before April 1st for fall semester and year-long programs. Applications for courses beginning in the spring semester will be due one or before November 1st.  Be sure to select the correct semester when completing the application process, and note that there is a course change approval process for students who are approved for a course or program but would like to make one or more adjustments to their schedule.

Programs that have application processes managed at the high school level may have different due dates and processes, so be sure to check with the school hosting the program to ensure you are meeting deadlines. 

Complete your College Application

For programs outside of Academy District 20, students who have been approved by the district must apply to the school they plan to attend. Meet with your counselor or school administrator to make sure the application(s) is (are) completed correctly.

Sign up for the College Opportunity Fund (if taking classes that are COF eligible)

If you are taking classes that are eligible for the College Opportunity Fund (COF), it pays a portion of your total in-state tuition when you attend a Colorado public institution or a participating private institution. The institution at which you are enrolled is paid on a per credit hour basis and will be deducted from the designated COF account.  For students taking concurrent enrollment coursework, registering for COF is a requirement of participation.  Students taking dual enrollment courses (CU Succeed, PLTW, and/or MathOnline) do not need to apply for COF unless they are also taking concurrent enrollment.

Access the COF application.

Register for College Course(s) by Established Deadlines

Once you have completed this checklist, you will need to register for your college course(s), pay any fees (if applicable), and purchase your textbooks. Please note that managing the application and enrollment process at the college or university is the responsibility of the student. Neither district personnel nor high school counselors have access to students’ college/university accounts or portals.

Students should register for fall college courses no later than May 1st and should register for spring college courses no later than December 1st. Failure to meet these deadlines may impact course availability and ultimately a student’s ability to take sponsored college courses in a given semester.

In addition to the checklist above, please review the program-specific information for the course or program to which you are applying.