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Seniors who took the first year of a two-year Career Start program and would like to complete the second year during an ASCENT experience are the only students eligible for ASCENT sponsorship at Pikes Peak State College.

Participating in ASCENT

Meet with your grade-level or College and Career Counselor at your high school to ensure that you meet the qualifications for ASCENT. A student may be eligible for ASCENT if the student:

  • Has completed, or is on schedule to complete, at least 9 credit hours (semester hours or equivalent) of transcripted, credit-bearing, college-level postsecondary coursework prior to completing the 12th grade year. Remedial/developmental education college courses do not qualify as part of the 12 required credits, nor do International Baccalaureate (IB), College Level Education Program, (CLEP), prior learning, or experiential courses, unless these exams/experiences have been converted to transcripted credits on a college transcript. 

  • Is college-ready, and not in need of basic skills coursework in accordance with the pathway in which the student is enrolling.

  • Completes an Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) prior to applying for ASCENT participation.

  • Applies to and is accepted into a postsecondary degree program at UCCS or MSUD or has been accepted into the second year of a two-year Career Start program at PPSC.

  • Has been selected for participation by his/her high school principal or equivalent school administrator and is on track to meet all D20 high school requirements by the end of the 12th grade year.

  • Has not been designated an ASCENT program participant in any prior year (a student may only participate in ASCENT for one academic year).

Ensure that you understand how ASCENT will impact you. In particular, consider:

  • ASCENT students do not graduate from high school until after the ASCENT year. Thus, they are typically ineligible for other types of financial aid or any other opportunity that requires a high school diploma.  Depending on your high school, you may be able to walk with your 12th grade graduating class, but ASCENT students will not receive a diploma until after the ASCENT year.

  • Other financial aid/scholarship opportunities and which ones best meet your postsecondary goals.

  • The courses/program you plan to complete during the ASCENT year. You will be required to identify your projected course-of-study as part of the ASCENT application. Note, you may only enroll in Guarantee Transfer credit courses, a state approved Career and Technical Education (CTE) postsecondary program, or a specific postsecondary degree program pathway including coursework related to apprenticeship programs and internship programs. At the time of your application, you will need to have an idea of which specific course you intend to take.

  • After the application closes, the College and Career Services office will notify you regarding your eligibility for ASCENT. If you are accepted into the ASCENT program, D20 will provide information on your next steps, to include meeting with a college advisor and registering for courses.

  • Please note that the grades you earn in your classes will be recorded on both your high school and college transcripts, and that college courses will impact your high school GPA. If you receive a D, F, or W in a college course, you will be responsible for repaying any books, fees, or other non-tuition expenses that the district has covered on your behalf.

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