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Aspen Valley Campus

Aspen Valley Campus (AVC) is an application based campus that includes grades 8 -12. Aspen Valley builds close adult-student relationships and fosters higher accountability for academics through our 15:1 ratio of students to teachers.

Unique Characteristics

  • AVC operates on a hexter system (instead of the traditional "semester') – every 6 weeks units of instruction end, grades are completed and students start fresh the next hexter.

  • AVC is committed to a 15:1 ratio of students to teacher.  This allows for close adult-student relationships and higher accountability for academics, behavior and social/emotional skills.

  • Students at AVC use a planner every day, every class, to strengthen organization and communication with teachers and home.

  • AVC requires additional graduation requirements beyond the traditional 50 credits.  Community Service, Job Shadowing and completing a College Course are the added steps that make our students that much more prepared for success beyond graduation.

  • 8th and 9th grade students turn in their cell phones each morning, while enjoying art and PE every day, to support their academic and social growth, and benefit from consistent and predictable homework each night and plenty of praise and rewards for meeting goals.

  • 10th - 12th grade students benefit from an alternative schedule that includes both daily classes and block classes with teachers who guide their learning through interactive lessons.

  • Additional offerings include a GED Prep and Practice Testing program, and an Online Credit Recovery program.

For more information, visit the Aspen Valley Campus website.