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Morris is a 20-year military veteran and is currently back in school, working toward his bachelor’s of science degree in Information Technology. He’s had four children attend (CTES), so he knows the school and the district well.

“I love being close to my own kids each day, but I also remember being the new kid at many schools as my father was in the military and we moved around a lot,” said Morris. “There were days I wished just one person would come up to me and ask me how my day was going. I never want any child to feel the way I did at those moments.”

Morris greets and welcomes the students and parents as they are arriving and he’s there at the end of the day when they are leaving. “I try to make sure they have a good start and end to their day,” said Morris. “I also volunteer as a chaperon and mentor with the Dance Club, Tiger Choir, Cross Country, and the Chess Club, and I’m on the Building Accountability Committee. I volunteer anywhere I’m needed.”

“He gives high fives, shakes hands, hugs and talks with students and their parents as they check in each morning,” wrote Barbara (BJ) Campbell, assistant Principal, CTES, in her nomination letter. “We know this type of beginning makes all the difference in how students continue their day. We are so lucky to have his support these past eight years.” 

“I truly enjoy volunteering at CTES,” Morris added. “The atmosphere is more than just a school, it’s a family. I appreciate the staff allowing me to do this because we have the same goal – caring for the students.”