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Academy District 20 Team One,

“All students will have the knowledge, skills, and character necessary for successful transition to the next level and upon graduation will be fully prepared for success.” This is our Global Board Ends statement.

Those new to our district may wonder, “What are ends?” Essentially, ends are the mission of our district and reflect the outcomes we are committed to achieving, skills, knowledge, and character.  

While skills and knowledge are straight forward, character can be hard to quantify. Over the past year, we worked with teachers, students, and our community members to better define character. Plus, last week I met with Colonel Kurt Wentz from the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) Center of Character and Leadership Development. He shared information about the Academy’s plans and efforts to teach, measure, and promote character.

We will soon take this information and use it as a launching ground to begin the process of building an Academy District 20 Portrait of a Graduate. I look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks. In the interim, I would encourage each of us to think about what strong character looks like. How do we recognize strong character in our hallways and classrooms?

As we head into a new quarter and prepare for Parent Teacher Conferences, please know I am grateful for your hard work and dedication.


Jinger Haberer, Superintendent