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Academy District 20 Team One,

Connecting with parents, guardians, and business and community leaders is inspiring. Recently I had the joy of attending the Downtown Partnership Breakfast, a meet and greet luncheon hosted by the United Way, and attending my first meeting as a board member with the Pikes Peak Workforce Center.

Meeting so many new partners has been exhilarating. Especially because it is evident that we are all striving for the same thing – a healthy and prosperous Colorado Springs where our students are learning, growing and discovering their passions.

In addition to meeting new community members and families, last week I had the chance to connect with our students and staff from the Home School Academy, Rampart High School and Air Academy High School. I even did a little cheering at D20 Stadium while attending the Kadet’s Homecoming game, which is not to be outdone by my time spent with our amazing Transportation Team. Although they wouldn’t let me take a bus for a spin, they did let me sit in the driver’s seat.

Each week, I am committed to make new connections and building relationships. Being a part of our schools and community fills my bucket, and I look forward to deepening our connections throughout this school year. 

Thank you for your continued warmth and support,
Jinger Haberer, Academy District 20 Superintendent