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For the first time this school year, teachers started their mornings in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). While students arrived two-hours later than normal, teachers use the protected time to review test data, identify which students need extra help or a challenge in the classroom, and collaborate to identify what success will look like in their classrooms.

At Academy Endeavour Elementary School (AEES) teachers worked together to evaluate and study assessment data that they recently received form the state.  They began making data folders and charts that allow them to track student growth and improvement. 

“Our school performance continues to improve because of everything we are doing,” said Shelah Hansen, AEES principal.

“Not only do we use dedicated PLC Friday time, we also have incorporated PLCs into our weekly schedule, so it is truly work that is happening all the time. And it’s working. Our parents have said they can feel the difference,” Hansen explained.

At other schools, like Ranch Creek Elementary School (RCES) teachers were divided by grade level where they scrubbed through reading test data. This allows them to strategically place students into groups based on their level of need. 

Paloma Fabian, a Spanish-Immersion third-grade teacher at Ranch Creek Elementary School (RCES) said, “I look at PLCs as a microscope. Zoomed out, we’re focused on the state and district standards for our classrooms, but this protected time allows us to zoom in on students and see their path to success clearly.”

Discovery Canyon Campus High School reviewed new data from the assessment tests taken when students returned to school. Reviewing scores allowed English and Language Arts teachers a map on how to support their students through the school year.

At Eagleview and Timberview Middle Schools, teachers created common goals and assessments for their classrooms. This allows them to measure a student’s progress through the school year and work collaboratively to ensure all students are on track. 

Visit ASD20.ORG to view the full list of PLC two-hour late start days for the 2023-24 school year.