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To kick off the 2023-24 school year, Academy District 20’s (ASD20) new superintendent Jinger Haberer eagerly awaited students’ arrivals at Foothills Elementary School (FHES).

“I am ready. I'm excited to connect, meet and build partnerships with parents, community members and staff members,” Haberer said.

With a school map in hand, Haberer provided warm welcomes, dished out high-fives and directed students to their new classrooms.

“Good morning! What grade are you starting?” Haberer asked. A student nervously replied, “I’m in third grade this year.” “Well let’s make sure you get there!” Haberer responded, leading the student side-by-side to their new classroom.

Haberer provided much need comfort to parents leaving their kindergarteners at school for the first time. “I saw tears welling up in their eyes,” she explained. “I reassured parents their children are in safe hands. We have the best staff and schools who will take care of them.”

When speaking to local television reporters about the new school year Haberer added, “It is such a privilege to be the superintendent at Academy District 20. I am over the moon. I'm just so grateful to be here in such an outstanding district.”

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