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At the annual state competition held by the Colorado Student Media Association, Rampart High School (RHS) journalism programs received the highest rating a program can receive in the state, titled the "All Colorado Rating."

Technology teacher, Patrick Moring said, "It was an awesome day! Our students learned a lot and took home some cool awards to go up on our wall of fame."

Overall, both programs took home first place in several categories, including 1st place in the 5A Video program and Sports Broadcast and second place in 5A Yearbooks.

KRAM 1st Place Awards

  • Creative Use of Green Screen

  • Broadcast Personality

  • Commercial or PSA

  • In-Depth Special Report

  • Program Editing/Direction - News Segment

  • Program Editing/Direction - Features

  • Opinion

  • Special Computer Effects

Yearbook - 1st Place Awards

  • Student Life Individual Photo and Caption

  • Personality Profile Writing

  • Theme Package Writing

  • People Spread

  • Alternative Presentation