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We believe people are the heart of our success.

When asked what value statement most resonates with him, Matt Sisson, new to Academy District 20 (ASD20), the new principal at Liberty High School and an outdoorsman said it is all about the people.

“I see people as the guiding principle,” Sisson said. “It will lead to the other values becoming possible for all students, staff, and community members.”

Jennifer Richardson, the assistant principal at Chinook Trail Middle School and avid sewer shared, “This school has such amazing people. I strive to make a space where they all feel valued, celebrated, and supported.”

Similarly, Jody Cameron, a lover of road trips and the new assistant principal at Journey K8, expressed it was the people, specifically her mentors, that helped her achieve her new role.

“I was surrounded by incredible mentors who offered leadership opportunities and made me see strengths that could be used in a different way,” Cameron said.

We believe relationships matter.

While she attributes much of her growth to the people she has worked with, she said the district’s value of “We believe relationships matter,” also speaks to her.

 “We need to make sure we are spending time building relationships and connections with those we are surrounded by,” Cameron added. “This helps us navigate the hard times and excel in the good times!”

We believe in quality education.

Becky Harris, Colorado native and former principal at Prairie Hills Elementary who is now the Director of Special Education, shared the value statement of, “We believe in quality education” speaks loudest to her.

 She explained, “I believe in the importance of including all students in educational opportunities that are meaningful to who they are as individuals.”       

Meghan Sanders, principal at Rampart High School and Colorado Mountain enthusiast, expressed a similar sentiment.

“I believe in creating a culture of learning for both students and staff,” said Sanders. “As staff learn and grow, the quality of education we can provide our students increases and allows them access to the highest levels of learning. I am committed to high levels of learning for all students.”

We educate and inspire students to thrive.

While the new administrators may gravitate toward different district value statements, when asked why they were excited for their new roles, every individual expressed a calling to serve their greater community.

“There are so many elements to being a successful leader, and I enjoy the inter-play between them,” Ash Angiollo, principal at Journey K8 and mountain biking enthusiast explained. “If I am able to make school a place where teachers thrive, they will be better able to help students thrive.”

Renae Roth, assistant Principal at Mountain Ridge Middle School, a whitewater rafting lover, explained, “Developing strong and meaningful relationships enrich learning communities and ensure all feel a sense of belonging.”

New Principals, assistant principals, and directors:

Zachary Mather, Director for Information Technology - Infrastructure Services, EAC
Ash Angiollo, Principal at Journey K8
Cami DeBise, Assistant Principal at Discovery Canyon Campus Middle School
Jennifer Richardson, Assistant Principal at Chinook Trail Middle School
Michelle Tucker, Assistant Principal at Rampart High School
Renae Roth, Assistant Principal at Mountain Ridge Middle School
Susan Yoon, Assistant Principal at Prairie Hills Elementary School
Dr. Becky Harris, Director for Special Education, EAC
Meghan Sanders, Principal at Rampart High School
Jody Cameron, Assistant Principal at Journey K8
Matthew Sisson, Principal at Liberty High School
Michael Blanot, Transportation Supervisor
Daniel Kirby, Assistant Principal at Rampart High School
Sarah Ricci, Assistant Principal at Liberty High School
Russ McKinstry, Assistant Principal & Athletic Director at Pine Creek High School
Brian Herman, Assistant Principal at Discovery Canyon Campus High School
Ashley Livingstone, Principal at Prairie Hills Elementary School
Molly Reagan, Assistant Principal at Challenger Middle School
Beau Cain, Assistant Principal at Edith Wolford Elementary School
Amy Griffin, Assistant Principal at Eagleview Middle School
Kali Maxwell, Assistant Principal & Athletic Director at Air Academy High School