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Amy Shandy and Derrick Wilburn took their Oath of Office at a Board of Education (BOE) Special Meeting on Thursday, Nov. 30, 2023. They join existing board members Nicole Konz and Aaron Salt.

While raising their right hand, the two new board members recited, “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully perform the duties of the office of school director as required by law and will support the Constitution of the United States, the constitution of the State of Colorado, and the laws made pursuant thereto, so help me God.”

Shandy and Wilburn took their seats and celebrated their new roles in front of a packed board room of nearly 100 staff, community and family members.

Their first order of action was electing the board leadership positions. Unanimously the board voted the following:

·      President, Aaron Salt,

·      Vice President, Nicole Konz, and

·      Treasurer, Amy Shandy.

The board also accepted former Board of Education President Tom LaValley’s resignation.

“We appreciate his service to this community and to this district. We wish him the best,” said Aaron Salt, BOE president.  

The BOE is accepting applications for its open board director position now through Dec. 11, 2023, and will make an appointment on Dec. 19, 2023.

As the new board looks ahead, Salt explained, “Our focus is really on student outcomes and academics.” The group’s first regularly scheduled meeting together is Dec. 14, at 5 p.m.