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As Discovery Canyon Campus Elementary School (DCCES) students gathered on the field behind their school, the sound of a helicopter made them erupt in excitement.

“There it is! I see over it there,” a student said pointing at the sky.

As the Blackhawk helicopter landed a few hundred feet in front of them, their shouts were drowned out by the whir of the blades. Emerging from the aircraft were Colorado National Guard (CONG), Counter Drug Task Force members and Colorado Springs Police School Resource Officers (SRO) who delivered an important message.

“[This event] allows us to deliver a unified message of making healthy life choices and living a drug-free life across our great state,” Colorado Counterdrug Senior Enlisted Advisor U.S. Army Command Sgt. Maj. David Ceja said.

CONG teams and SROs delivered this same message, helicopter in tow, to four other ASD20 schools including Chinook Trail Elementary School, Woodmen-Roberts Elementary School, Mountain Ridge Middle School, and Challenger Middle School.

“This message, paired with the helicopter landing, helps the message of drug prevention stick. ASD20 Superintendent Jinger Haberer said while attending the DCCES event. “These students won’t forget watching a helicopter land outside their school, and hopefully that means they won’t forget to make the right choice when it comes to drugs.”

During the month of October, Red Ribbon Week “raises awareness of drug use and the problems related to drugs facing our community, and encourages parents, educators, business owners, and other community organizations to promote drug-free lifestyles,” according to the CONG.