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Starting in August, students will begin orientation before rotating between two departments at a UCHealth hospital or administration center, including Facilities & Maintenance, Kitchen Catering and Prep, the Gift Shop, Pharmacy and Human Resources. 

“During their time in the departments, interns learn employability skills in order to reach their goal of obtaining competitive employment in the community,” explained Cynthia Lorenc, D20 Bridges Coordinator. 

She said, “They will gain a high level of independence, improve self-advocacy, grow in their self-confidence, and gain leadership skills.” 

The program provides students an opportunity to work alongside others, improving their strengths, recognize needs and to solve problems that may arise. Often, students will find permanent careers after gaining skills and work experience through the Project Search program.  

Congratulations to:  

  • Chloe Cunningham  

  • Logan June  

  • Matthew Jacobs 

  • Philip Lucero  

  • Ian Mckee 

  • Alana Patel