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Ready to take on the world armed with newfound skills and experiences, four Academy District 20 (D20) students have graduated as UCHealth Project Search Interns and are gearing up for their next big adventure. 

Having spent the last year working in hospital settings, these students are now equipped with the confidence and capabilities to thrive in the workforce.  

“Throughout this partnership, our interns have woven themselves into the hospital community, and leaving with incredible amount of potential,” D20’s Executive Director for Special Education, Dr. Belinda Lujan-Lindsey said 

One of the interns, Gautam Natrajan, has landed a new job as a cook for Sodexo at UCHealth Memorial Hospital North. 

Lujan-Lindsey told graduates and their families, “you have not only found your footing in the professional world, but you have also discovered the strength within yourselves to advocate your needs and aspirations.” 

Nicole Johnson, another D20 student will begin a new position as a Youth Development Group Aide at the Pikes Peak Region YMCA. Meanwhile, Isaac Rhoades, will serve as a doggie daycare attendant at Camp Bow-Wow.  

The next round of D20 students will begin an internship through Project Search in August 2024. According to Cynthia Lorenc, Project SEARCH Transition Teacher, all five students from the 2023 cohort graduated and have found employment.