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The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) released both state and district results to the public this afternoon, Aug. 17, 2023, and we:

  • Met and/or exceed growth in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math for all grade levels,

  • Exceeded the state performance in science at all grade levels, 

  • Achieved overall growth for students with disabilities, and

  • Demonstrated high growth, well above the state median, for students identified as Talented and Gifted.

“The past three years have been the most challenging in K-12 history. Nationwide, students experienced isolation, disconnection from the classroom and learning loss,” said Jinger Haberer, Superintendent, ASD20. “We are elated our expanded learning opportunities for students and teachers resulted in increased district-wide academic growth. It is affirming the work we’re doing is making a direct impact on students.”

We attribute these positive results to talented and dedicated staff who focus on educating the whole child through robust systems of support, called Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), our engaged parent community, and recent changes to district-wide Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).

PLCs provide teachers and school leaders dedicated work time to collaborate, review student data, learn new teaching methods and grow their instructional approaches to meet the needs of all students. Last year PLCs were held on Wednesday mornings when students arrived at school two-hours later than normal.

Discovery Canyon Campus Elementary School’s (DCCES) preliminary CMAS results showed significant growth. Last year the school created time in its daily schedules to provide students intervention without missing classroom instruction.

“Thunder Time” provides every student 30 minutes, four-days-a-week, to receive extra help, such as one-on-one interventions, small group instruction, or extra tutoring.

Additionally, to ensure teachers could help their students in real-time, DCCES utilizes content experts who work directly with classroom teachers to design interventions for students who require additional support. Together they track data, work directly with students, and make adjustments so all students can succeed.

Tonight, the ASD20 Learning Services Team will present initial results to the Board of Education. In the coming weeks, ASD20 will further study and review its CMAS results and share individual school data. As schools review and analyze their data, they will incorporate new strategies into their 2023-24 PLC schedules, which take place on Friday mornings. Additionally, parents/guardians can expect to receive results from their schools in September. 

The State of Colorado 2023 Accreditation ratings will be released from CDE to schools and districts on or before Aug. 25, 2023.