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Meeting Highlights | March 7, 2024


Discovery Canyon Campus (DCC) presented the board spotlight, and highlighted all three levels of the school's campus. The DCC team shared a video showing how they integrate elementary and secondary involvement across grade levels. The administration from each school does a great job preparing students and working together. Thanks for the update and hard work!

Mid-Year Assessment Update

Dr. Susan Field and the Academy District 20 Learning Services team updated the board on middle of year (MOY) scores for Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measures of Academy Progress (MAP) Growth and DIBELS-8 testing. We're seeing strong improvement in both reading and math for our students.

We want to thank our incredible educators for their diligence and efforts to help our students achieve academic success. The board is looking forward to seeing end of year results, as we are making great progress towards meeting our district goals. Student data is tracked closely to monitor the continued success of our students throughout their time in the district. View scores here.

Parent Choice and Libraries

The board was presented with a document outlining the opportunities for parental control over what students check out from school libraries. ASD20 allows for parents to specify books they don't want their students to check-out, create reading lists, see what has been checked out, and specify the maturity level of books available in middle school. View the drafted process.

Book Challenge Update

The board deliberated on whether to uphold a decision made by the school or to hear an appeal of a challenged book. In deference to state law and Supreme Court rulings, the board voted 3-2 to uphold the school’s decision. This will allow our board and district to spend more time focusing on student outcomes and academics.