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Meeting Highlights | April 4, 2024

Summer School Programming

The Academy District 20 (D20) Learning Services team presented information about Summer School Programming for Summer 2024. This year’s programming will offer options for all grade levels, including AP classes, outdoor education, music offerings, credit recovery, and enrichment opportunities. 

Additionally, Learning Services is collaborating with schools to offer literacy tutoring for students who qualify for support through a READ Plan and for students who qualify for extended school year (ESY) services.  

Summer School registration opens on Friday, April 19, 2024. Learn more about registration, pricing and classes at ASD20.ORG/Summer-School

Board of Education Meeting Schedule

The Board of Education Meetings and Study Sessions schedule was presented for the 2024-25 school year. Starting in July 2024, board meetings will be held once a month to provide district staff and board members with more time to focus on accomplishing the district’s mission and board ends. The proposed schedule will be adjusted to not interfere with parent-teacher conferences. The final schedule of meetings will be brought forth for adoption on April 18, 2024. View the proposed calendar.

Aspen Valley Big Picture Learning

Aspen Valley Campus (AVC) is considering the adoption of a new framework system that will allow students to pursue learning opportunities that align with their personal interests, passions, and goals for life after high school, Big Picture Learning. Integrating Big Picture Learning will allow AVC to continue its mission to create relevant learning opportunities that are engaging and will prepare students for life after high school.

AVC Principal Kyle Chamberlain told the board, “We want to do what’s best for our students most at-risk. Big Picture Learning may allow our students to re-engage with their education and career opportunities.”

Character Survey | Annual Monitoring Report for Ends 1.2 Character

Every year, D20 uses the annual Character Survey to gather feedback about the district’s character education programming and resulting student behavior. The survey is given in conjunction per Board Ends Policy 1.2. Students, staff, and parents in grades 4-12 are surveyed using a five-point Likert scale to solicit feedback on topics outlined in Ends 1.2, including compassion, excellence, citizenship, respect, hope, courage, honesty, responsibility, integrity, and perseverance. Learn more about the Character Survey.

Library Book Update

The board deliberated on whether to uphold a decision made by the school or to hear an appeal of a challenged book. In deference to state law and Supreme Court rulings, the board voted 3-2 to uphold the school’s decision. This will allow our board and district to spend more time focusing on student outcomes and academics.