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When the district transitioned to eLearning in March 2020, no one could have predicted the disruption the COVID-19 pandemic would have. Classrooms shifted, teachers adapted, and together Academy District 20 (ASD20) prevailed.

And although the 2019-2020 Annual Award nomination deadline was in the midst of the first weeks of pandemic, nominations flooded in. Testimonies from colleagues and supervisors described the outstanding efforts and amazing work being done by the teachers and staff in ASD20.

The district-wide winners were selected before summer break and, normally, those winners would be honored at the Back to School Rally. But, the pandemic caused the Back to School Rally to become a socially distanced video address. Then the district planned to hold a celebration in the fall, but COVID-19 cases were on the rise and, again, plans to highlight the 2019-2020 Annual Award winners were dashed.

Now, the district is planning to honor the 2019-2020 winners alongside the 2020-2021 winners at the 2021-22 Back to School Rally. However, so the winners don’t have to wait another six months, this week the winners will be highlighted on ASD20.ORG and on the district’s social media channels. 

Please see the accompanying video that highlights the winners receiving the awards and be on the look-out for the profiles of each winner.

The 2019-2020 Annual Award Winners

John Asbury Secondary Educator of the Year

Mitchell Burke, a Biomedical Science teacher at Discovery Canyon Campus High School

Outstanding School Administrator of the Year

Donna Heinrich, the Principal at Journey K8

Classified Staff Member of the Year

Becky Davis, a Kindergarten Instructional Paraprofessional at Woodmen-Roberts Elementary School

Charles W. Tewell Elementary Educator of the Year

Christie Williams, an Art teacher at Rockrimmon Elementary School

Volunteer of the Year

Charles Morris, who has been volunteering at Chinook Trail Elementary School for eight years

Thomas S. Crawford Team Award

The Academy Endeavour Elementary CARE Team includes nine staff members and six Affective Needs staff.

The team members include:

  • Alyssa Harms

  • Jenn Youse

  • Carol Eads

  • Tyler Olson

  • Beth Allen

  • Scott Brooks

  • Amelia Alyssa

  • Shannon Sloger

  • Barbara Bratton

  • April Vassar

  • Bobbi Wolf

  • Brenda Keefauver

  • Jess Soper

  • Jordan Hoffert

  • Kim Kieffer