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Honorary Inductees

Honorary Inductees

Academy District 20 felt strongly that each Board of Education member and Superintendent be represented on the Hall of Excellence.

 ​Board of Education Honorees

Emily Bissell
Burt Bittner
Frank Cannell
Lee Carlson
Lois Carlson
Dr. Wilton Cogswell, Jr.
Fred Farrar
Tom Huzzey
Romayne Moeller
Mark Wild
Russell Wolfe


Patricia Billiard
Mary Bush
Nancy Conover
James Haley
Betty Lindeman
Nick Natelli
Dr. Jack Sherman
Charles Tewell

Elizabeth Anderson
Dee Buffington
Alfred Draney
Joyce Hartung
William Jacobs
Suzanne McKiernan
Jeanette Van Doren

Ken Balser
Dr. Gary Coulter
Dr. Phil Erdle
Jill Grossman
Susan Krebs
Javier Mazzetti
Dr. William Skeith
Rich Valorose


Catherine Bullock
Dr. Ann Elrod
Bill Howerton
Doug Lundberg
Mike O’Rear
Vicki Taylor
Linda Van Matre


Larry Borland
Tracey Johnson
Glenn Strebe


Howard Dunning, 1957-1974

John Asbury, 1974-1980

Dr. Thomas Crawford, 1980-1993

Jan Makris, 1993-1996

Dr. Donald Fielder, 1996-1999

Dr. Norman Ridder, 1999-2000

Dr. Ken Vedra, 2000-2007

Dr. Mark Hatchell, 2007-present