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Transportation Eligibility

 Transportation Service Parameters

​The Academy School District 20 Transportation Department provides daily school bus service for students in accordance with the district administrative policy EEA-E-1-Transportation Service parameters. 
This policy outlines the criteria students must meet to qualify for school bus service and how that service is implemented.
A copy of this policy and other administrative policies that apply to transportation are available at Policies.

 Bus Service Eligibility

​Eligibility for school bus transportation is determined by each student’s Academy District 20 primary residential address. Elementary students who live more than 1.5 miles and secondary students who live more than 1.75 miles from their home school are eligible.

For K-8 students attending district choice programs, a limited level of transportation is available from central pick up points to their choice schools. Choice transportation with limited stops is also provided to Aspen Valley Campus, grades 7-12. Choice transportation is designed to partner with parents to share the responsibility of getting students to and from the school of their choice.

To determine your student's bus service, please see asd20.org/Logins/Extended Parent Portal and click on "Bus Routing".

If a stop for a particular route has no students for five or more days, the stop may be cancelled. Stops are routed for in-district students who ride regularly and have a semester pass.  Students who ride via the Space Available program, or use 20Ride single ride tickets, may use stops in use by other students on their bus route. These students may be asked to move to a different stop if their stop is discontinued. For these reasons, parents of occasional riders should check the Extended Parent Portal for current information prior to having their student(s) ride.

 Space Available Transportation

Applications for the Space Available Program are currently open.
All requests for Space Available Transportation will be accomplished online through the IC Extended Portal.
Space Available Transportation Guidelines 
The parents/guardians of students wishing to use district transportation who do not otherwise meet the eligibility criteria as approved by the board of education are welcome to apply for Space Available transportation. These seats are only available on general education buses. Applications for Space Available seating will be accessible on the Extended Parent Portal beginning the third Monday in July each year.   Processing of space available requests prior to Labor Day is not guaranteed; parents/guardians must be prepared to drive students to school until their application has been processed and approved, as confirmed by email. A Space Available bus stop assignment will be the stop with available seats closest to the student’s home address. At the parent/guardian’s request, a different bus stop may be assigned. The newly assigned stop will become the student’s permanent stop for the school year. Routes and bus stops cannot be adjusted or added to accommodate Space Available riders.

NOTE: Space Available requests are not continued from previous school years. Bus loads and stop locations vary from year to year depending on student populations. Therefore, Space Available transportation for students must be requested anew each school year.

Parents/Guardians can apply for Space Available Transportation according to the procedure below.
  1. Student must be enrolled in Academy School District 20.
  2. A request for transportation must be filled out online for each student needing transportation.
  3. Upon approval an email will be sent with additional instructions for checking the parent portal.
  4. Parents/guardians and their students are responsible for reading and understanding the ASD20 Guidelines for Safe School Bus Riding.
Ineligible students will be responsible for their own transportation and will only receive transportation if the request is approved based on the assessed availability. Transportation for an ineligible student is never guaranteed.

Applying for Space Available Transportation does not guarantee your student a bus ride. Students may not ride the bus until they receive approval from the Transportation Department. Please do not attempt to ride buses until then.

Questions concerning the Space Available Transportation Program must be submitted through D20 Help Desk at help@asd20.org

If you need assistance with your IC Extended Portal username or password, contact the District 20 Help Desk at help@asd20.org or (719) 234-1777.
To apply for Space Available Transportation:

  1. Log into the IC Extended Portal  using your district provided username/password.
  2. All students in your household will be displayed. Click the name of the student you wish to request transportation for.
  3. School Registration information for that student is displayed. Along the top of the screen are multiple tabs. Select the "Transportation" tab.
  4. Default transportation information will be displayed for your student. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  5. Under "Space Available Transportation - Request" select "Yes" only if you are a District 20 employee.
  6. Under "Request Exception?" select "Yes".
  7. Briefly enter your information and transportation needs under "Reason for Exception Request".
  8. IMPORTANT - Click the "Submit" button at the TOP of the page.
  9. Your request is automatically sent to the Transportation Department.
  10. You will receive an email from "donotreply@asd20.org" when your request is processed and your new school bus information is available for your student. This email will be sent to the email address currently on file for parent/guardian information.
  11. Make sure "donotreply@asd20.org" is not blocked by the spam filter on your email client.