District Schedule:Normal

 Learning Services Goals

  1. Reduce the number of students identified as significantly reading deficient by 15%.
  2. Continue to close the achievement gaps among all subgroup populations.
  3. Ensure that at-risk students receive the academic and social emotional support to be successful.
  4. Develop and implement a plan to optimize the use of digital instructional materials for student learning.
  5. Design several visualizations and train SAGA coaches with the Tableau platform.
  6. Implement the RULER curriculum district-wide and provide leadership around social-emotional learning.
  7. Support elementary and middle schools with the middle school math course pathways.
  8. Implement a district MTSS model.
  9. Explore and research co-teaching models.
  10. Develop teacher leadership through instructional coaching.
  11. Improve communication from the special education office to schools.
  12. Improve entrance and exit criteria for all center-based programs.
  13. Market and communicate concurrent enrollment opportunities to schools.
  14. Build partnerships with post-secondary to increase student participation.
  15. Reengage the parent community in the understanding and value of assessments.