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​Curriculum and Instruction

    Learning Services Mission 

 Learning Services, dedicated to the uncompromising belief in each individual’s unique potential and innate worth, maximizes student growth, success, and well-being by collaborating with and supporting educators and the community to foster visionary instructional leadership.


How We Support the Mission
Curriculum & Instruction will provide aligned, coherent, optimized support to all schools by building capacity and developing shared leadership.


  • Focus on What is Best for Students
  • Model Excellence
  • Customer Service
  • Clear Objectives
  • Thoughtful Planning and Execution
  • Teaching Learning Cycle/Characteristics for Standards-Driven Instruction
Clark Maxon
Director for Curriculum and Instruction
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Contact us by emailing the help desk at help@asd20.org
 or phone at 234-1223.
If your question pertains to an individual student or school, please contact that school site.


Academy District 20 Higher Education Admissions Requirements (HEAR) (includes course list) 
Academy District 20 Graduation and Higher Education Admission Requirements (HEAR) ​