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Feeder Schools

 Feeder System Process

Feeder Systems for Assigned School Attendance - Once you enroll in a school, that school becomes your assigned school regardless of where you live and you forfeit any spot you previously held at any other District 20 school.

Resident Students: Once a resident student is assigned to a given school, then that student will attend the subsequent schools in the feeder strand (see the feeder strand links below) until such time a choice application is submitted during a subsequent choice window and is approved.

Non-Resident Students: Non-resident students will remain at that school for the duration of that level (elementary, middle or high), unless the student’s enrollment is withdrawn (including expulsion). All non-resident students must submit a choice application during the choice window for the level transition (5th to 6th grade or 8th to 9th grade).

 Feeder Schools

Not all Academy 20 Schools/Programs are a part of the Choice process.  Specialty schools like Preschool, Aspen Valley Campus, Home School Academy and Academy Online have different enrollment requirements.


To view which elementary schools feed into which middle school or high school select the appropriate link below.


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