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​Once a student enrolls in a school, that school becomes the student’s assigned school, regardless of area of residence. Once a student enrolls in a school, the student forfeits any spot previously held at any other District Twenty school. Attendance at an assigned school means that the student will attend the middle and high schools in that feeder system, unless the student applies during the choice window to leave that feeder system or strand. This means two things: (1) The student will never return to their neighborhood school unless the student applies to do so during the choice window and is accepted, and (2) The student will not be required to take any action if the student wishes to remain in the current feeder system. Exception: When a student changes residence to a different attendance area within the district, the student does not have to take any action if the student decides to stay at the assigned school. If the student decides to make the new neighborhood school the assigned school, the student does so by informing Central Registry at the time of the residence change. If the student decides to make the neighborhood school the newly assigned school at a later date, the student must apply to do so during the choice window. Thus, whenever a student applies for and is accepted to a school other than their neighborhood school, the student gives up any and all rights to attend their neighborhood school.


​Charter Schools were established by Colorado law in The Charter Schools Act. A charter school is a public school intended to provide an avenue for parents, teachers, and community members to implement new and innovative ways of educating children that are proven to be effective. Charter schools can seek waivers from school district policies and procedures as well as from state laws. Charter schools are responsible for performance through the Educational Accountability Act of 2009. (C.R.S. 22.33.5-102)


​Each January, District Twenty hosts a choice enrollment period. During this period, students may apply to attend any district school, beginning the following fall semester. If the student is accepted in his/her selected school of choice he/she must attend that school the following school year beginning in August. Once the student is accepted in the choice school, the choice school becomes his/her assigned school, and the student will follow the feeder system for that school. Space availability dictates the number of applicants accepted in the choice school. If a student wants to move out of the choice school, a new application will have to be completed during the next available choice enrollment period.


​Enrollment indicates that the student has (a) been assigned to the school, (b) completed registration for both the district and the school, and (c) regularly attends class at the school.


​The feeder system is a system for moving students from elementary school to middle school to high school.


​In Academy District 20 a home-based educational program refers to the sequential program of instruction for the education of a child which takes place in a home, which is provided by the child's parent or by an adult relative of the child designated by the parent, and which is not under the supervision and control of a school district. Full-time home-based education (homeschooled) students may enroll in the Home School Academy enrichment program one day per week.


​A neighborhood school is the school a family would attend according to their address. Families interested in attending a neighborhood school that is not their own will have the opportunity to request that school during the Choice Application Window, which is conducted in January. The following schools do not serve a specific neighborhood and have separate application processes: The Classical Academy, Aspen Valley High School, Summit Middle School Program, and Academy Online High School.


​Students enrolled in Academy Online, participate in teacher-directed courses either full-time (or part-time in conjunction with their neighborhood school or through homeschooled options) delivered through a sequential program of instruction from a teacher to a student primarily through the use of technology via the internet in a virtual or remote setting. These courses are not self-paced and not for credit recovery. See the web page at www.asd20.org/schools/aohs​


Registration refers to completion of online information and required paperwork submission.​


​School-within-a-school models offer a particular focus area to interested students (e.g. International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme) while simultaneously offering a standard curriculum to the other students within the same building. These schools also serve neighborhood areas.


A strand program carries a particular focus area for students in grades K-12, such as International Baccalaureate. Strand programs also serve neighborhood areas.​