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Criteria and process for referring students

 Criteria and process for referring students

If you are interested in finding out more about the program, please contact your school counselor.



  • 10th–12th grade students
  • Parents/guardians will have conferenced with their home school counselor regarding the program.
  • Each high school may refer students each semester
  • The high school will adjust the student’s schedule to accommodate his/her attendance in the .program
  • Students eligible for the program must be “at-risk” of not graduating because of credit deficiencies, truancy, and/or motivation issues or who require an alternative ed 
  • The sending school’s counselors will complete the referral form transportation is provided by parent, guardian, or student Student must be proficient or partially in at least one area of the TCAP. Each school provides at least one adult who monitors the student’s progress and communicates with the NOP staff
  • Upon the student’s return to his/her high school, the program counselor will meet with the student to monitor his/her transition
  • It is a one semester commitment with a second semester option based upon the team’s recommendation