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Student Password Reset

​Student Password Reset

​At the end of the enrollment process an account for the student  is created.  There is no default password on the student account.  A parent/guardian must create the password for the student.

Where is the student password used? or Why does my student need a password?

Students will use their password to log into different systems.  This will depend on what is used at their school. The student login is used to access the following:

  • Academy District 20 network (school device or a device brought from home)
  • Student Infinite Campus Portal
  • 20Learn
  • Student Google account
  • Student Microsoft Office 365 account

There may be additional systems used by a school not listed here.

What is my student's  username?

The username for a student is their student ID number.  The student ID number is found on the registration receipt or in the Infinite Campus Parent/Guardian Portal.

 How to reset a student password:


  • Open a browser. (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome)
  • Type www.asd20.org into the address bar and the press the enter key.
  • Click the word "Parents" on the grey bar.
  • Select "Extended Parent Portal" from the choices

Step 2:


  • Log in to the Extended Parent Portal using the same username and password that you use for the Infinite Campus Parent Account


​Step 3:

      • The first page when you login to the Extended Parent Portal is a list of members in your household.
      • Click on the name of the student.


​Step 4:

EPP Student Tabs.jpg

  • Click on either the tab along the top Student Passwords or the checklist item  Student Password Reset.


 Step 5:

  • Read the guidelines for choosing a new password. 
  • Enter the new password for your student.  Then, re-enter the new password in the second box.  The two password entries must match.
  •  Click "Save New Password


This is a password your student must remember.   Select an age appropriate password or work with your student to choose a password

  • Look for the message highlighted in green to confirm the password is successfully changed.
  • You may change more than one student's password on this screen. If you would like to change another student's password from your household, click on the dropdown next to the current student's name at the top of the screen and select another student's name.
 Parent Infinite Campus (IC) Portal
 Extended Parent Portal