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Parent/Guardian Infinite Campus (IC) Portal


Your Parent/Guardian Infinite Campus (IC) Portal 


The Infinite Campus (IC) Portal account is available to the parents/guardians of enrolled students.  You must be the student's guardian to see student information from your account. The most common information displayed is:

  • student picture
  • student ID number
  • attendance
  • grades
  • report cards/unofficial transcripts
  • notifications (district, school, and teacher)

This account allows a parent/guardian to monitor the academic progress of their student.   Each school determines what information appears in the portal. 

Who can get an account? 

Parents/guardians of enrolled students can have a IC Portal account. 

Do not share your account information with your child!  Students have their own IC Portal accounts.

How do I get an account?

 At the completion of student registration, an IC Portal account is created for one of the parents/guardians registering the student.  The username and temporary password are printed on the registration receipt. 

If another parent/guardian would like an IC Portal account, a request can be submitted through the District 20 Help Desk.  Email can be sent to help@asd20.org.  Include the following information:

  • name
  • address
  • home or cell phone on file
  • student name and birthdate
  • school and grade

What is the username and password?

District 20 uses a specific format for IC Portal accounts.  The format for a new parent/guardian is:


The username and temporary password are printed on the registration receipt.  If the registration receipt  is not available, you can contact the District 20 Help Desk.

If you have had students in Academy District 20 for many years, your username may be a different format.

 Parent Infinite Campus (IC) Portal
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