Communication from Academy District 20


There are a variety of ways to keep informed about your school and Academy District 20.

  1. District 20 website,, has general information about the school district, school board, departments, programs and activities
  2. School website,, locate your school from the list.  The school's website will have information that pertains just to that school.
  3. 20Alerts – information from District 20 or your school.  This information may be delivered by email, text or phone calls.  20Alerts are available to adults listed as a student's guardian.  Guardians must opt in for text communications.
  4. Campus Messenger – information sent by the school or your student's teacher. Messages can be found in your Campus Portal inbox.  If Infinite Campus has an email listed, a copy of the message will be sent to that email.

What are 20Alerts?

 The 20Alert system  is one way Academy District 20 or your student's school may communicate information to you.  20Alerts may be delivered by email, voice, or texts. Most 20Alerts are delivered by email. 

Who receives 20Alerts?

Parents/guardians of enrolled students may receive 20Alerts.  There are key pieces of contact information in the contact profile of a parent/guardian required to receive 20Alerts:

  • Home phone number (a cell phone can be entered, if your household does not have a land line)
  • Valid email address
  • Cell phone number
  • Opt-in for text communication

Where do I set-up contact information?

A parent/guardian can verify and update the information required to receive 20Alerts from the Extended Parent Portal.  After you update contact information in the Extended Parent Portal, it will take 2-3 business days for the 20Alert system to be updated.