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 Data Privacy Advisory Committee

The Data Privacy Advisory Committee (DPAC) was created to produce data governance and privacy procedures for staff to comply with the Student Data Transparency and Security Act. The committee will meet periodically to review district privacy practices, ensuring the needs of staff are met.

 Committee Members

​Shelley Kooser​CIO
Susan Field​Asst. Superintendant LS​
Pat Richardson​Director of Legal Relations​
Clark Maxon​Director of Curriculum Instruction​
Greg Stephens​District Contracts Officer​
Don Begier​Director IT Eductional Servies​
Kevin Cronk​Director IT Data Services​
Steve Endicott​Director IT Support Services​
Diane Britton​Purchasing​
Tanya EvansTeacher/Learning Services​
Jeff Gronski​IT/The Classical Academy​
Guy McPherson​IT/Senior Programmer Analyst​
Rachel Rollings​Teacher/Learning Services​
​Michael Pollard​IT/Specialist: BOYD
TerraLee Trent​IT/Senior Programmer Analyst​
Jill Yellico​Purchasing Supervisor​