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The first week of every month, we will be providing bags of laundry for volunteers to pick up, take home, wash, and then return to the FRC. Come to the 2nd portable building and grab as many bags as you want on a Monday and then return those bags by the following Thursday! 

Volunteer With Us

Please fill out our Volunteer Form to get started.

Take and Go Laundry Specifics

Step 1: Contact us you are interested in volunteering and would like additional details (dates, pick-up/drop-off procedures).

Step 2: Pick up bags of laundry to take home during the arranged time. Each bag will include laundry detergent and a dryer sheet for use at home.

Step 3: Return the clean laundry folded in the same bag. 

There will be a volunteer sign-in and sign-out sheet. If you need a record or proof of community service hours, please contact us.

One bag of laundry equates to 1 hour of community service. For additional service hours, you are welcome to hang clean laundry in our clothing closet on the Thursday of that week. Contact us if you are interested in this opportunity.

More Information

Tarah Patterson
(719) 234-5683